Metallographic test methods are indispensable for quality assessment and defect analytics in material and component testing. BDG-Service GmbH employs the latest metallographic test methods adapting them to the specific tasks. In terms of metallographic services Service GmbH boasts state-of-the-art sample preparation and microscopy including digital image analysis, processing and archiving systems. The benefit: metallographic test results make it possible to assess the manufacturing conditions and component behaviour. We will also be pleased to do on-site testing at the customer’s premises using mobile metallography. All tests are documented and evaluated by BDG-Service experts.

Binocular Microscopy

  • Assessment of fracture surfaces (origin of cracks, brittle fracture, ductile fracture, fatigue fracture)
  • Analysis of casting defects such as sink holes, gas bubbles and slag inclusions
  • Characterisation of surfaces (inclusions, corrosion products, wear characteristics)

Direct-Light Microscopy

  • Hot and cold mounting of microsections, automatic grinding and polishing
  • Identification of casting defects (sand, slag, gas bubbles, etc.)
  • Image analysis and visual categorisation of graphite form, size and array in ductile iron, CGI and GJL
  • Pinhole analysis in NF-metal castings (acc. to BDG Specification P 201)
  • Assessment of general state of microstructure (as-cast state, annealed, formed etc.)
  • Quantitative phase proportion determination (e.g. ferrite/ perlite - proportion)
  • Degree of purity in steel castings
  • Plating thickness (e. g. galvanised Zn) Hardening depth measurement with microhardness test

Mobile Metallograpy

  • Metallographic specimen production
  • Microstructure analysis
  • Assessment of graphite formation and metallic matrix
  • Analysis of microstructure defects