Metallurgy & Materials Technology, Mould & Core Making Technology, Moulding Material Preparation & Regeneration

BDG-Service GmbH’s activities focus on the analysis of quality problems in cast iron part and their manufacturing processes. BDG-Service staff address your problems and questions on site providing engineering support for optimising your processes with a view to improving castings quality and process security.

On the basis of their long-standing casting technology experience BDG-Service employees train your staff in all departments and on all levels by means of in-house seminars specifically geared to your needs (material range, melting & moulding processes, manufacturing conditions).

  • Analysis of casting defects
    • Systematic identification and remediation of casting defects caused by metallurgy, moulding and manufacturing processes.
  • Analysis and optimisation of manufacturing processes
    • Raw materials
    • Charge make-up & melting
    • Core making
    • Moulding material preparation & reclamation
    • Moulding material supervision
    • Mould making
    • Melting technology & furnace campaign control
    • Metallurgical melt treatment
    • Melt control
    • Pouring
    • Discharging
    • Materials testing
    • Finishing
  • Gate and feeder engineering
  • Heat treatment
  • Casting plants and equipment